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Technology for water treatment in closed aquaculture systems


SeaRAS offers cutting-edge technology for water treatment and management in the field of aquaculture. Our products are highly effective in reducing technical and financial risks associated with water recycling systems.

 All of our solutions are available as separate products that can be seamlessly integrated into existing aquaculture setups.

Unparalleled Sensor Technology

Pioneering in H2S and Ammonia Measurement: SeaRAS presents the first real-time H2S monitoring system that measures down to 0.1ug/L and has achieved a breakthrough with the introduction of the TAN/NH3 sensor for real-time monitoring of Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN), revolutionizing ammonia and H2S management in RAS systems.

Energy-Efficient Solutions:

OptiRAS and AquaDuct Technology: With innovations like the SeaRAS AquaDuct, the company offers energy-efficient and comprehensive water treatment solutions that degas, skim, oxygenate, and cool the water effectively. This, alongside the OptiRAS solution, provides a new approach to RAS solutions, enhancing water quality and fish well-being while reducing energy and resource usage.

Smart Data Analysis, control and prediction

AquaWARE - Advanced Analysis System: 

Providing advanced management and analysis systems that log and process all water and operational data, will optimize the operation of RAS facilities by reducing energy, resource, and cost usage while enhancing fish health, production and economic gain for farmers.

Award-Winning Technology

SeaRAS is recognized for its innovative approach in aquaculture, being honored with the Nor-Fishing Innovation Award in 2021, strengthening the company's position as a market leader in developing aquaculture technology.

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A SeaRAS solution designed for RAS flexibility

OptiRAS the ultimate solution for fully instrumented and integrated RAS units, where water treatment is within and above the tank. Prefabricated modules ready for use!

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The most accurate sensor in the market

With AquaSENSE, you can now monitor H2S, NH3 and TAN levels in real-time at the low levels found, which was previously not possible.

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All of our solutions are available as separate products that can be seamlessly integrated into existing aquaculture setups. However, for maximum efficiency and automation, they can also be fully integrated into our own OptiRAS unit, which is fully equipped and automated with SeaRAS solutions.



"Game changing technology for degassing and skimming of water"

Combines Transport of water, degassing, cooling effect, oxygenation and protein skimming in one unit.

In a remarkable collaboration SeaRAS AS and Leirvik AS have seamlessly combined their expertise to bring the first OptiRAS module to life. With a diameter of 22 meters and standing at 6 meters in height, this innovative module boasts a total volume of 2100 m³ – an environment designed to nurture and support the growth of up to 85 tonnes of fish. 



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