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The horizontal waterfall that revolutionizes degassing and skimming.

This groundbreaking product combines the captivating beauty of a waterfall with the practical functionality of transport, degassing and skimming water.

Contact us to customize for your aquaculture facility.

Setting a new standard in water management systems.

  • Game changing technology:  "all-in-one solution" 

  • Enhanced water quality: Significantly improves water quality by eliminating gases and particles.

  • Cost-effective solution: Incredibly more efficient compared to traditional systems, and less than quarter of the cost.

  • Sustainable and fish-friendly: Harnesses natural water movement without the need for superoxygenation.

  • Versatile application: It can be seamlessly integrated into existing facilities, making it suitable for other RAS, ponds and tanks, easily adapting to various types of tanks and facilities.

  • Easy installation and maintenance: User-friendly device that is simple to install and requires minimal upkeep.

Energy and Cost-efficient


More effective compared to other RAS design.


Reduces energy consumption to less than 2kWh/kg of produced fish.

Reduced TGP (Total Gas Pressure)

TGP 90%

Due to water treatment with AquaDUCT - From > 100% to 90%

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