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The tool for real time control of water quality


Utilizing cutting-edge sensor technology, AquaSENSE provides instant, accurate readings of critical parameters:



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Real-Time Monitoring

Instant, accurate readings of H2S, TAN, and NH3.

Alarm system

Designed to detect hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Ease of use

User-friendly interface and straightforward setup.

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Time saver

Automate sampling, eliminating the need for manual collection.


The most reliable data collection (down to down to 0.1ug/L) setting it apart from competitors.

Better understanding

Analysis how different factors affect the aquaculture system, vital to be successful.

We have launched our NH3 sensor. Monitor ammonia levels in RAS systems in real-time.

Try out our NH3 sensor

The first real-time H2S monitoring system (down to 0.1ug/L)

SeaRAS AquaSENSE System (AQS) is a big step forward in keeping an eye on H2S levels in RAS water treatment.​ Figure below showcasing one example of an incident with critical levels of H2S formation.​

H2S incident registered when changing from one seawater intake pipe (4”) to another that had been being standstill for a few weeks.

"We had constant issues with unreliable data from our previous water quality sensor. AquaSENSE's accurate and real-time monitoring has improved our water quality"

Customer from Norway

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