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  • Predictive analytics for fish growth

  • Data-driven insights and decision support

  • Simulator for water quality optimization

  • Automated reports and economic tools

  • Real-Time monitoring and alarms 

One Byte at a time 

With Big Data comes great opportunity

Empowering Water System Management with Advanced Analytics. The comprehensive system allows the user to efficiently operate and manage the entire water system. With its advanced features and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, AquaWARE revolutionizes the way you handle and analyze operational data. It seamlessly integrates various components, such as databases, analyzers, and graphical displays, to provide you with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

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Modules - Streamlining aquaculture

AquaWARE Basic

AquaWARE Simulator

AquaWARE Premium

Offering a dynamic graphic presentation of water quality data for clear visualization and analysis. The system includes advanced alarm functionality allowing real-time monitoring with customizable thresholds. Additionally, AquaWARE features automated report generator that efficiently creates detailed operational and summary reports on selected parameters, streamlining management and decision-making processes in aquaculture operations.

Prediction and control of water quality in RAS facilities:

AquaWARE Simula features advanced multicurve and variable comparison capabilities, enabling users to perform comprehensive calculations that compare various curves and variables related to water quality in RAS facilities. 


AquaWARE Simula are now available as a product . Please contact us for more information. 

Modules - One Bite at a time:

- Automatic reports

- Biology - Prediction of growth in RAS facilities

- Energy - Monitoring and optimization of energy usage in RAS 

​- AquaWARE Finance - Cost analysis and financial forecasts

- AquaWARE Autopilot/self-driving system

One Byte 
at a Time!

AquaWARE Simula - Prediction and control of water quality in RAS facilities. 

Now available!

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