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Read our latest article: OptiRAS™ proves its worth - benefits in water quality and potential fish welfare from new technology.

Today, it is said that nearly 50% of smolt from RAS facilities are affected by nephrocalcinosis (kidney stones). In our latest article, we postulate hypotheses on this topic based on what we have initially experienced from this first batch of fish in OptiRAS. 

The first batch of post-smolt has now been delivered from OptiRAS. Thanks to real-time monitoring of various water parameters and analyses of these, combined with observation and sampling from the fish within the facility, we are now beginning to see new connections and the beginnings of causal relationships to some of the challenges associated with farming in closed containment systems. 

Read the article through our website - Research articles, link below:

We are determined to continue this work and encourage as many as possible to share their viewpoints and suggestions. Together, we can work to reduce mortality and improve fish welfare in closed containment systems.

We emphasize that these are currently only hypotheses based on the conclusions we initially believe we can draw. Please share your thoughts and experiences with us – we look forward to a constructive dialogue! 🐟💬

Team OptiRAS!

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