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Searas & OptiRAS - Celebrates successful transition of first fish batch

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of the successful transfer of the first batch of fish from Searas' subsidiary, OptiRAS, to the sea phase. This move signifies a triumphant milestone for OptiRAS. These inaugural fish have thrived under OptiRAS's stewardship since October and are now poised to continue their growth journey at Bremnes Seashore's sea site, located south of Boknfjorden.

A prototype delivering Innovation

During the transfer operation, we tested our new and innovative prototype of a crowding system, which demonstrated vertical crowding and movement of fish without the use of pumps. By employing this method, OptiRAS showcased the possibility of handling fish in a manner that is both gentle and efficient. The crowding solution is intricately designed to align with OptiRAS's vision, aiming to mirror the natural conditions of the ocean.

Stress-free Fish

The transfer proceeded smoothly, and with the assistance of veterinarians, the fish were carefully evaluated before, during, and after the transfer. The fish cohort has been confirmed to be in excellent condition, with consistently good mucus layer, gill and fin status, and an average weight of 800 grams, ready to embrace the new challenges and opportunities awaiting them in the sea.

From the moment the fish took their first swim in OptiRAS in October to the seamless transition to the sea, the journey has been marked by remarkable growth and a robust fish population, without any losses. We look forward to tracking our fish cohort through their next life phase at sea and will diligently monitor and document their development.

Next fish batch

Looking ahead to the future, with the next fish cohort planned for the end of April, we are prepared to welcome even more fish with increased density. The next batch of fry is already vaccinated and swiftly approaching the post-smolt stage in OptiRAS.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all parties involved for their efforts and dedication. This represents a collective triumph for the entire OptiRAS team, as well as our partners at Searas, Leirvik, and Bremnes Seashore. We eagerly anticipate continuing our journey and work towards the next phase in OptiRAS's development, sharing our experiences and progress along the way.

About OptiRAS:

Searas stands as the parent company of OptiRAS, championing innovative approaches to aquaculture. With a vision of energy efficiency and reducing operational and financial risks, OptiRAS offers continuous water renewal every 15 minutes. Its system combines essential water treatment functions within a single, standard, fully integrated unit. Noteworthy for its biosafety and scalability, OptiRAS promotes sustainability with its recyclable, modular design. Offering flexible leasing options and the possibility of incremental investment, OptiRAS makes advanced RAS technology more accessible than ever.

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